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Emmanuel School is a small Anglican primary school in Mae La refugee camp. The camp, which has a population of over 34,000 people, is the largest of nine camps strung along the Thai-Burma border. Mae La camp is 40 km from the town of Mae Sot, a small Thai town with an airport. The school is open to children of all religions and includes Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and Animists. There are currently 208 students, 102 boys and 106 girls,  12 teachers and a cook.  H4FA sends four quarterly payments to pay teachers, buy school equipment and stationary, make repairs and pay for any other necessities for the running of the school. Recent developments include the opening of a Middle School through the generosity of the Van Mesdag Fund and provision of lunches each day with money given by the Tadworth and Walton Overseas Aid Trust. Emmanuel School is run by Emmanuel Church, the school committee, and the teachers and parents; they send us full reports each quarter. Two trustees from PSRB visited in October 2022.


The school

These are just some of the pupils we’ve helped.

Emmanuel School - H4FA
Student Lunch - Emmanuel School - H4FA
Classroom Activity - Emmanuel School - H4FA
Emmanuel School - H4FA
School Exam - Emmanuel School - H4FA