Phoenix School

Help for Forgotten Allies

The political situation in Burma has resulted in many refugees fleeing their own country in search of safety in neighbouring Mizoram State, India. Children at refugee camps are in dire need of education. H4FA has initiated an education project at Zokhawthar Refugee Camp (Champhai District) which is right at the border between India and Myanmar. This education project started in May 2022 and now has around 111 children from Zokhawthar refugee camp. The aim of the project is to help children to adapt to education while they take refuge in Mizoram state and also prepare them for their eventual return by teaching Burmese, local (Chin) dialects and English. H4FA sends monthly payments to pay teachers, stationary and pay for any other necessities for the running of the school. The school is run by local volunteers with the support of H4FA. Our trustee Mr. Bertie Lawson has visited the school in November 2022.


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