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Help 4 Forgotten Allies

Our work is focused on supporting widows and veterans from the Second World War who fought with the British, and on humanitarian work with increasing numbers of refugees and IDPs from the Karen, Chin and Karenni ethnic groups.

The numbers of remaining veterans and widows are dwindling rapidly, and so the Charity is in a process of transition, focussing increasingly on educational needs within these areas, seeing this as a lasting legacy and memorial to honour those who have served faithfully in years past.  This is an exciting area of development for us.


Forgotten AlLies : The Search for Burma’s Lost Heroes screening   

British Museum 9th Feb 2024.


Our projects

These are just some of the people we have helped.

H4FA - Help 4 Forgotten Allies
Help 4 Forgotten Allies
H4FA - Help 4 Forgotten Allies
People We Have Helped - H4FA
H4FA - Help For Forgotten-Allies - Large Group Jumping
H4FA - 2032 - Thangnuai Village



Our Work

Forgotten Allies

Each year we provide a small grant to a dwindling band of veterans and widows from the Second World War. These old soldiers were amongst Britain’s most loyal allies in the ‘Forgotten War’ against Japan in Burma (1942-45).

Emmanuel School

Emmanuel School is a small primary school in Mae La refugee camp on the Thai/Burma border. The camp, which has a population of 34,063 (November 2022 figure) is the largest of nine camps strung along the Thai-Burma border.

Care Villa

The Care Villa is home to a group of 8 male land-mine victims in Mae La refugee camp on the Thai/Burma border.

Karenni Bible College

H4FA has supported this small bible college in Ban Mae Surin, Karenni Refugee Camp on the Thai/Burma border since 2001. There are approximately 26 students and 12 teaching staff and the college is full of life and a source of comfort and support to the camp population.

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We would like to thank supporters all over the world, but especially in the UK, Belgium and Tokyo, who have made our work possible for more than 15 years now. As the charity has grown in recent years (thanks entirely to your selfless generosity) we have been able to reach further into Burma. This has, unfortunately, meant that we are now unable to continue to fund all administration costs from the trustee’s private funds. However, we still spend less than 3% of donations on administration, so almost all money donated still goes entirely to the projects you support.



Data Protection

H4FA is committed to protecting your privacy and will process your personal data in accordance with current Data Protection legislation (GDPR). We would like to keep in touch with you and supply information relating to our work, but you can change your communication preferences at any time by emailing administrator@h4fa.org.uk

A copy of our Data Protection Policy is available on request.




H4FA is committed to promoting the care and protection of all vulnerable adults and children who are beneficiaries of the Charity. All staff, trustees and volunteers of the Charity who have front-line contact with such individuals are required to undergo relevant Safeguarding training and as appropriate relevant DBS checks.

A copy of our Safeguarding Policy is available on request.