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The men at Care Villa spend their lives disabled by blindness and immobility, and sit under a hot tin roof with little to do. For the most part they are ex-Karen soldiers and lost their sight while attempting to defuse land-mines or lost their legs by stepping on one. Most have lived at the Care Villa for many years. Our donations pay for each man’s soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap powder, clothes, shoes and medicines such as painkillers and antibiotics. On our last visit there, Paul, a resident, had learnt to play the violin and he sang the hymn “On Christ the solid Rock I Stand” for us. This had famously been sung by the legendary Major Hugh Seagrim and his Karen soldiers before the Japanese ordered them, as prisoners, to dig their own graves in Rangoon, September 1944. Singing it was allowed by their captors as their last request. Paul’s face was inexplicably radiant as he sang. 

Care Villa

These are some of those helped at Care Villa

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