H4FA, previously known as Projects to Support Refugees from Burma, does what it says; for the last 20 years backing and seeing through projects from school-building to self-help weaving groups among refugees from Burma. You can read our latest report from January 2018, here.

On this website we highlight the four main projects we support. Additionally H4FA makes generous annual donations to impoverished primary school teachers in Karenni State and sponsorship for individual adult students. We also make one off payments in emergency situations.

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In 2015 the name of the charity was changed from PSRB to H4FA in recognition of the increasing dominance of veteran welfare as the charity entered and took on more cases within Burma itself. The aims and projects of the charity have not changed but it has since become increasingly difficult to fund the existing PSRB projects as the presumption has been that most donations are given implicitly for veterans and their widows. The trustees of H4FA have decided that in future, unless a donor indicates a different preference, all undesignated donations will be split 75% / 25% in favour of H4FA. This will allow us to continue to support projects which benefit the children, grandchildren and often great grandchildren of people who, almost without exception, offered huge friendship, loyalty and support to the British and without whom the outcome could have been very different. The trustees will continue honour all requests for specific use of donations. The purpose of this change is simply to move away from the existing presumption regarding a donor’s intent.

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Forgotten Allies Film World Premiere

Your invitation: The 'Forgotten Allies' World Premiere, June 12th 2019

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Forgotten Allies: World Premiere - June 12th 2019
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When you go home
Tell them of us and say
"For your tomorrow
We gave our today."


Date: Wednesday 12th June 2019
Time: 18:15 - 20:15
Venue: The National Army Museum, Royal Hospital Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 4HT, UK

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Watch the Forgotten Allies trailer here...
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Join Grammar Productions and special guests for the world premiere of 'Forgotten Allies', prior to its first broadcast on UK TV later this year.

We'd be delighted if you'd join the Grammar team, Help 4 Forgotten Allies (H4FA) & friends for a drinks reception and film screening (45') at the beautiful National Army Museum in London, followed by a Q&A session with the filmmakers.

SYNOPSIS: In the darkest hours of World War 2, thousands of men from Burma (now Myanmar) gave their lives fighting a brutal war for Britain against the Japanese, and to carry out the most successful guerrilla campaign of the war. But after the Allied victory, Burma sank into isolation, dictatorship and civil war, and Britain forgot the bravery of these men. Now only a handful of veterans remain - will they get the recognition they deserve before it's too late? One determined band of Brits are in a battle against time to make sure they do.

BACKGROUND: This film was made possible by the generous support of hundreds of individual donors from around the world, each moved by the story of the Forgotten Allies of Burma. The 2018 crowdfunding campaign was kindly supported by public figures connected to the Burma campaign, including Dame Vera LynnViscount SlimGriff Rhys Jones and Levison Wood, and had the backing of major veterans charities including The Royal British LegionThe Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League and Help for Heroes. The film's production has also been featured in BBC NewsThe Daily Mail and The Times. Forgotten Allies will be broadcast in the UK later in 2019 - more details will be announced at the premiere.

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This film would not have been possible without the kindness and generosity of people from all over the world who donated towards the 2018 Forgotten Allies Film Fund Appeal. You made it possible for us to share this story with the world.

In particular we would like to thank our Executive Producers Mike Slade, Hugo Slade and Nick Powell, as well as Sampan Travel and the Gerry Holdsworth Trust, without whom we would never have got started.

We'd like to say a huge thank you as well to all those who came to our Remembering WW2 in Burma Gala Dinner in June 2018, where we raised more than 30% of our funds in just one night.
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Finally, we'd like to acknowledge the brilliant individuals and institutions who leant their voices to our Film Fund Appeal. We would never have raised the funds we did without you choosing to champion our cause. You can hear from just a few of them below, and hear from all our supporters on our website.
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WHAT'S NEXT? Just because Forgotten Allies is ready to launch doesn't mean we're putting our feet up! Far from it. The Grammar team is busy prepping our biggest filmmaking adventure yet. We can't wait to tell you more next month...
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Thanks for taking the time time to read all the way down here, we look forward to seeing you on the night! GP x
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Help for WWII Veterans

Each year we provide a small grant to a dwindling band of veterans and widows from World War II. These old soldiers were amongst Britain’s most loyal allies in the war against Japan (1942-45). Now elderly and enduring extreme poverty, they are stranded in crowded refugee camps along the Thai-Burma border or struggling in Burma/Mayanmar, where for many years they were seen as enemies of the state. These grants can make all the difference between pure subsistence and getting a few "comforts" such as medicines, vegetables, or clothing.


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